5 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Cannabis Copywriter

Cannabis Copywriting Services for your 420 Business

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The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. In today’s rapidly evolving cannabis market, staying relevant and keeping up with the demand is more important than ever. Businesses need to work with cannabis copywriters who understand the cannabis industry to develop compelling, well-written content that speaks to their target audience. Whether you’re a cannabis business owner, dispensary manager, or product manufacturer, working with a professional cannabis copywriter can help you achieve your marketing goals. Here are five reasons why you should work with a cannabis copywriter.

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Understanding of cannabis regulations and compliance

Among the most challenging things with marketing cannabis are the rules and regulations of advertising a heavily stigmatized legal substance, besides the day-to-day challenges of making sales and providing customer service through your business. Building trust with your ideal customers is also having a good understanding of what is allowed and not allowed when it comes to utilizing marketing tactics that connect your product with your customer. And due to studies and data still very much in its infancy, it’s challenging to pinpoint the benefits of cannabis without the factual data backing the product. It’s challenging to make claims about the benefits of cannabis-based products. The proof is not yet in the pudding, and governing bodies know this, and to avoid danger, they are trying to make it as safe (difficult) as possible for businesses to sell products to their customers as risk-free as possible.

Working with a cannabis copywriter will help you explore different methods of writing content, slogans, taglines, and product descriptions that will highlight the benefits and features of your cannabis product without overstepping the boundaries of cannabis laws and regulations. A cannabis copywriter will offer ways to get creative and not make blanket claims and statements that can be later disputed through growth and movements in the industry. It’s a safer bet for your cannabis business.

Cannabis Copywriter understands the nuances of the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is an ever-changing industry that affects the marketplace every day. One day a business can be all the rage the next, they’re never heard from again. Navigating this changing industry can be challenging, and working with a cannabis copywriter can provide better insight and understanding into the trends and shifts of the space. This means we can work with you to develop and explore more flexible, timeless strategies and language that connect you with your target audience, let you stand on your own island, and build a foundation for your company to grow and prosper.

A cannabis copywriter understands the customer journey

A cannabis copywriter will have a deep understanding of the customer journey. They’ll know what information customers are looking for at each stage of their journey, and they’ll be able to craft content that helps them move smoothly through the sales funnel. This will result in more customers making it to the purchase decision, which is ultimately what we want.

As we listen to the competitive landscape, we can identify the clientele that wants to target the audience and help customers pick the right product for their needs. We can use the power of copywriting to make educated recommendations to customers looking for guidance and support with their cannabis consumption without overtly trying to sell them something.

A cannabis copywriter can help you refine your message

With so many businesses entering the cannabis space, it’s more important than ever to stand out from competitors. An excellent way to do this is by working with a cannabis copywriter who can help you create unique, high-quality content that speaks to your specific audience. This will help you build trust and credibility with new and potential customers, which is essential for any business looking to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace.

Chances are, you already have a good idea of what you want to say in your marketing materials. But sometimes, it takes a professional cannabis copywriter to help you fine-tune your message and ensure it’s communicated effectively while still abiding by compliance standards. And because cannabis copywriters know their sativa from their indica, we will ask the right questions and challenge your assumptions to ensure your message is clear and persuasive.

Have cannabis consumption experience

image of jessica fung head copywriter of sushi and doodle co. lighting up a joint

We can’t speak for all copywriters in the cannabis niche, but we can say for Sushi and Doodle Co., we are cannabis consumers, which we find gives us an edge. We get it from the other side and see what the market offers and tries to offer us as consumers. Which means we know what works and what doesn’t. We can quickly identify brand efforts that work with specific demographics and how cannabis businesses like yours can cut through the noise.

As destigmatized consumers, we have a basic understanding of the benefits and features of cannabis-based products. We can explore different methods of creating compelling copy where we can merge the qualities of cannabis into consumer-packaged goods. This is our edge.

Working with a cannabis copywriter gives your 420 business an edge

If you’re not working with a professional cannabis copywriter, chances are you’re spending too much time (and money) on content creation. Cannabis copywriters are experts at creating compelling content quickly and efficiently, which means they can save you time and money in the long run. A cannabis copywriter is like any copywriter but with a deeper understanding of the cannabis industry and cannabis products with a better general understanding of highlighting the features and benefits of cannabis without stepping outside the lines of regulation.

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