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Develop your style for your content

At Sushi and Doodle Co., we understand the challenges of creating content; we especially understand the challenges of creating content without a clear, concise and detailed editorial style guide to lead your content strategy.

If multiple team members are developing content for your business, creating standardized voice, tone, and grammar rules is essential to remain consistent with your audience so your company can build credibility as a trusted resource.

Why every business need branded copywriting

Our editorial style guide development service is here to help businesses gain clarity and direction for their company content, unify your team of content creators, freelancers and stakeholders involved in your company’s content development strategy, and smooth out any kinks in the creation process.

Your Business, Your Style, Your Rules

Leading with your content is an essential part of running a successful business.

An editorial style guide is a document that outlines the rules, strategies, and goals of your company’s content, how best to communicate these to your targeted audience, and how your company intends to achieve those goals as smoothly as possible.

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An editorial style guide is the strategy behind your content.

We help you develop a customized editorial style guide for your business. And with a clear and concise document of standards for your business, it doesn't matter if Peter or Paul writes your content. It will still remain consistent with your brand and company voice.
Sushi and Doodle Co. has worked with many businesses to develop their editorial style, and each time we’ve developed a style guide for a business, businesses achieved:


Clarity on their content marketing goals and target audience


Insight into their content position concerning their brand


Direction on how best to achieve their content marketing goals and their next steps

An editorial workshop designed for your content

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Create your own standards!

Our editorial style guide workshop is a detailed service where we strategize with you and help you get clear on what you are trying to achieve with your content and how to appeal to your target audience.

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Determine your company voice, tone and grammar rules.

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Identify your target audience and how to connect with them

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Develop your content positioning and strategize your next steps

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Once we complete your editorial style guide workshop, the Sushi and Doodle Co. team will deliver a detailed document of your editorial style guide outlining your customized content strategy.

This detailed document gives you all the tools your company needs to develop a fool-proof content strategy with clear guidelines for achieving your marketing goals.

Step 1️⃣

Book your 30-minute discovery, where we will go over your current content and copywriting struggles and goals and propose general solutions to your inquiries.

Step 2️⃣

After our discovery call, we will conduct a content style guide workshop with your team and deeply analyze your content standards and goals.

Step 3️⃣

We start the content marketing process with you and deliver you optimized content for your business. As we work together we will analyze and adjust based on the analytics.

Sushi and Doodle co. is a copywriting and content marketing agency that started with a blog by a curious and motivated content creator who saw the benefits of utilizing content marketing to build credibility and take the lead within their niche.

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We work closely and extensively with businesses to help them lead with their content and develop a smoother workflow.

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By working with experienced cannabis writers and SEO specialists, businesses can create cannabis content that is both compliant and effective.

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