Posh Lash Pro

Case Study

Web Copy

Posh Lash Pro required a lot of copywriting attention to properly optimize its website and content so it could properly drive traffic.

We had to work very closely with the PLP team to truly understand the goals of their content and ensure that all of the content was relevant to their audience.

We revamped all of the copy on their web pages and provided updated product descriptions that properly highlighted the value of each of their products.

On top of their website copy, we also worked with them to develop an email strategy to help nurture their leads.

Click here to see their website.

The Results

During the first quarter of working with the PLP team, there was an increase in unique visitor traffic.

In the content plan we developed with the Posh Lash Pro team, we helped them streamline content ideas and put them towards a social media plan.

Within the second month of working with the PLP team, we saw a consistent increase in growth, engagement, and followers on their Instagram page.

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