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We specialize in long-form content creation and marketing strategies such as blog articles and digital copy. We offer a variety of service-based packages that serves your business at every stage of growth. 

Our goal is to help cannabis-based businesses take advantage of the digital space that you already own to carve out your authority in the industry to lead in destigmatizing cannabis while building leads and connections with your audience authentically and creatively to serve your business needs and goals.


Step 1️⃣

Book a 20 minute discovery call to discuss all of your current challenges and upcoming marketing goals!

Step 2️⃣

After the discovery call, you will receive a content audit and we will discuss in depth how S&D can help you take control of your content marketing strategies.

Step 3️⃣

The S&D team will customize a content marketing strategy that you can implement to establish your company as a leader in the cannabis industry.

How we can help

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Sushi and Doodle co. animated joint on homepage

We offer customized content marketing services that are compliant to industry standards. 

We offer a variety of service packages based on your marketing goals at different price points to accommodate your business at every stage of growth. 

Every piece of copy we produce for you is done with SEO intention. 



We are here for weed. 

We are here for cannabis.

We are here for you. 

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We gotchu!

About Us!

Sushi and Doodle co. was founded to help destigmatize cannabis for businesses and companies. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, the challenges also continue to grow. Due to the lack of marketing opportunities we have access to, we want to help cannabis-based business owners pivot away from social media. And instead, leverage digital space that you already own to build successful leads that serves your business and your audience for the long term.

Who we are

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I'm Jess!


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CMO (cuddle monster official)

Get in touch with us!

Have a question about our services and how we can help? Or want to learn more about our agency? 

Feel free to drop us an email and we would be happy to help!